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HealthInfoSource Redesign Underway (Fall 2020)

The Health District of Northern Larimer County and Connections are excited to announce that the HealthInfoSource website is being redone. This website was originally launched back in 2003 to help the community find local health information and services, including behavioral health providers, medical providers and services, dental care, and more.

Fast forward more than 15 years, and we've seen huge technological advances. The use of cellphones and how we search for information, as well as the amount of information available, has changed tremendously. Although it's much easier to search for information, it's still not always easy to find what you need.

Focusing on what we saw as the area of biggest need, the redesigned site will emphasize local mental health and substance use services. The behavioral health system can be complicated to navigate, and the new site will help the public and providers alike find mental health and substance use care and resources in Larimer County.

Community members will be able to search for behavioral health providers based on criteria that may be most useful for them, including office location, insurance, populations served (such as veterans, LGBTQ+, etc.), whether a provider is accepting new clients, and more. Care coordinators and other professionals can make referrals and help their clients find resources by searching on type of care (IOP, MAT), treatment approach (CBT, DBT), and other criteria.

With the new site, HealthInfoSource staff will be better able to add resources as the needs of the community change, and we will be able to make changes to the site based on feedback from users.

Stay tuned, as more information will be available as we progress toward the launch date.
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