Organization: Foothills Gateway, Inc.

Foothills Gateway, Inc.

Foothills Gateway, Inc., is a private nonprofit organization that coordinates and provides a broad range of services for Larimer County citizens with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families. We advocate for and empower individuals with disabilities, and we believe in a life of opportunity, of choice, and of dignity for every individual, regardless of age or ability.

We complete a request for determination of developmental disability and connect individuals and families with services and supports. Services cover all ages, from early childhood intervention services, designed to meet the developmental needs of infants and toddlers and provide information and referrals for the family; through children's extensive support as needed; family support services for individuals living in the home; supported living services including personal care, specialized equipment as needed, supported employment and more. We coordinate with community and state agencies for a wide range of other services.

Case managers coordinate and monitor the services being provided. We work with people receiving services through Foothills Gateway, agencies contracting with us, and people waiting for services.


Nonprofit or governmental






Foothills Gateway, Inc.

301 W. Skyway Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 226-2345 - Phone
(970) 226-2613 - Fax
Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish
Wheelchair accessible
Foothills Gateway - Partnership With SummitStone Health Partners

Outpatient services in case management, counseling and psychotherapy provided to adults in the Foothills Gateway system.

Foothills Gateway - Family Services

Services for families focus on maintaining family balance and helping to alleviate some of the stress that can impact the family. The Family Support Services Program (FSSP) provides information, support, coordination and funding to families that have one or more family members of any age with an intellectual/developmental disability living in the home. Examples of services that could be covered include respite, adaptive equipment and home modification.

Foothills Gateway - Adult Services

Services for adults (over age 18) are provided in Adult Supported Living and Adult Comprehensive Services (24/7 care). For information about these programs, please contact us. Cost of services varies by program.

Adult Supported Living Services enable participants to make choices, receive needed services and live more independently in their own home or in the family home. Services available include case management, personal care, supported employment services, respite and day program services and other services.

Adult Care Services provides families with temporary relief from ongoing caregiving for their adult family member with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Services are provided in a home-like setting and can be provided during the day or overnight. Participants in the program have opportunities to work on educational activities, cooking skills and other activities to increase their independence.

Comprehensive services include settings such as group homes, host homes and apartments; supervision, money management and cooking; vocational or other community participation activities and transportation.

Foothills Gateway - Children's Services

Services are available for children meeting eligibility requirements for each program. A case manager can help determine eligibility and answer questions.

Early Intervention Colorado and Foothills Gateway coordinate services for children who have intellectual/developmental disabilities or developmental delays. This program connects families with early intervention services such as occupational, speech or physical therapy to help children ages 0-3 years grow and develop and help their families in this process.

The Children's Extensive Support (CES) waiver program provides Medicaid-funded services and supports to children under age 18 with intellectual/developmental disabilities or developmental delays who have the most intensive behavioral and/or medical needs. Services and supports that may be available include personal assistance services, professional services, behavioral services and home modifications.

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