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If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, we can help make the journey easier. Our multidisciplinary approach to care means you benefit from expert cancer treatment teams with specialties in medical oncology, surgery, radiation therapy, radiology, pathology and nursing. Patients also benefit from many support services, including patient navigation, clinical trials, cancer massage, nutritional counseling, rehabilitation, pet therapy and Sharing the Cancer Journey (our education and support group). The number for the Cancer Center in Fort Collins is (970) 237-7700; the phone numbers for specific programs are listed below.


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Cancer Patient Navigation Program - Northern Colorado

2121 E. Harmony Road, Suite 170
Fort Collins, CO 80528
(970) 237-7700 - Phone
Languages Spoken:  English
Wheelchair accessible

Sharing the Cancer Journey

Please call for more information prior to attending for the first time. Meets at UCH Cancer Center at Harmony and Timberline.
2121 E. Harmony Road
Fort Collins, CO 80528
(970) 495-8383 - Phone
Languages Spoken:  English
Wheelchair accessible

Cancer Clinical Research - Northern Colorado

2121 E. Harmony Road, Suite 330
Fort Collins, CO 80528
(970) 237-7700 - Phone
Languages Spoken:  English
Wheelchair accessible
UCHealth Cancer Care - Sharing the Cancer Journey

Sharing the Cancer Journey is an education and support group that focuses on strategies for caring for body, mind, and soul during diagnosis, treatment, and the entire journey. Survivors, family, and friends are welcome to explore, share, and learn about cancer in a caring setting, with presentations by medical experts, supportive strategies and story-sharing by peers affected by cancer. Classes explore the medical, emotional, physical, and social issues of cancer. Topics include diagnosis and treatment, side effects, communicating concerns and feelings, pain management, nutrition, keeping fit, complementary and integrative care, advance care planning, and community resources. No referral is necessary to attend.

Sharing the Cancer Journey is a free, ongoing program that meets 6:00-8:00pm on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Registration is requested. To register and for a detailed schedule, call (970) 495-8383.

UCHealth Cancer Care - Patient Navigator Program

If you or someone you love has cancer, the Patient Navigator team is here for you. This free program matches cancer patients with a "nurse navigator" to help navigate the complexities of cancer care. Patient navigators can help you understand a cancer diagnosis and treatment options, apply for financial assistance, find credible online cancer information and connect to resources such as nutrition counseling or clinical trials. For Spanish-speaking patients, we can bring in interpreters to assist.

UCHealth Cancer Care - Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are available locally, and patients have the option of participating in these research studies. Clinical trials provide opportunities to discover improved ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer through the collection of accurate research data. We provide information about clinical trial options and support you in deciding whether or not to participate. For more information, go to www.uchealth.org/Pages/Services/Cancer-Care/Clinical-Trials-and-Research.aspx

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