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CB Intrinsic

Five CB Intrinsic educational courses teach Emotion Management/Conflict Resolution (EMCR) and Stress Reduction. Learn HOW to (1) Deal with emotions to redirect thoughts toward effective conflict resolution and creative solutions/innovation to improve quality and accountability, (2) Heal from chronic stress to improve health and quality of life from this day forward, and (3) the Combo course teaches all of the above. (4) The Better Sleep Class teaches how to sleep soundly with sleep hygiene and more methods for healthy stress reduction. (5) Controlling chronic pain via the Neuroscience-based Intrinsic Touch and Mindfulness-based Chronic Pain Control techniques: less pain <=> less stress. Learn HOW to reduce stress - manage emotions - improve your health/life. Personal and Professional Development! Classroom setting with One-on-ones and Groups.

Also, buy the book Chronic Pain Control: Alternatives to Pain Management by Vicki Ellis to learn how to control chronic pain that has outlived its usefulness; available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.




Vicki Ellis, MS, Author, Educator, Stress Recovery Coach, Master Life Coach, Registered Psychotherapist






CB Intrinsic

The easiest way to get to CBi is to turn west into the parking lot from Landings Drive. CBi is in the first building (4) on your right. Choose the entry door on your left (Ste. A) and go up the stairs to the Loft. For disability access, a second office with elevator access is available, but we'll need advanced notice to schedule it.
300 E. Boardwalk Drive, 4A Loft
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 372-2713 - Phone
Languages Spoken:  English
Wheelchair accessible
Emotion Management and Conflict Resolution

This therapeutic educational course is a series of five classes, plus an application at the end, developed to teach stress reduction, emotion management, how to affect desirable behavioral change and effective conflict resolution. Students Love this course!

Call for an initial consultation or sign up online at cbintrinsic.com

CB Intrinsic Pain Control Workshop

CB Intrinsic Pain Control Workshop teaches Neuroscience-based Intrinsic Touch and Mindfulness-based Chronic Pain Control techniques necessary to control your chronic pain yourself. Therapists can use this to control chronic pain for their clients. The book Chronic Pain Control: Alternatives to Pain Management is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble's online.

The CB Intrinsic Chronic Pain Control Workshop is offered in Fort Collins and lasts 3-6 hours. Please visit CBIntrinsic.com for more information and pricing.

CB Intrinsic Better Sleep Class

CB Intrinsic Better Sleep Class is designed to teach you the rationale behind each item on the CB Intrinsic Better Sleep Hygiene List to take with you and help you hone your skills for developing deeper, more refreshing sound sleep. Your health depends on this. The 1-hour class is enjoyable and effective. Contact CB Intrinsic to set up your appointment: www.cbintrinsic.com.

EMCR and Peeling Onions Combo

Learn how to better deal with stress and how to heal from chronic stress taught in both Peeling Onions and Emotion Management and Conflict Resolution programs by enrolling in this combo class.

Peeling Onions

Peeling Onions teaches the process for recovering from any type of long-term stress. Long-term can include a tendency to remain in stress mode for no particular reason or to remain stressed from traumatic event(s) or not so traumatic for what seems too long. When someone takes Peeling Onions, they are ready to learn how to stop their suffering. This does not depend on what has happened. Students do not need to talk about the event(s). Students learn how to heal. Students heal. This is Powerful. Come to classes. Learn. Heal. Now.

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