Organization: Larimer County Department of Health & Environment

The Larimer County Department of Health & Environment provides community health and environmental health services. The Health Department's services and programs include some immunizations for adults and children, travel immunizations, monitoring contagious diseases in the community, information on West Nile virus and rabies, programs for mother and child health, reproductive health education and pregnancy/STD prevention, emergency preparedness for potential public health emergencies, providing copies of birth and death certificates, tobacco education/prevention, food safety, monitoring air and water quality and more.


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Health Department - Fort Collins

1525 Blue Spruce Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 498-6700 - Phone
Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish
Wheelchair accessible

Health Department - Loveland

205 E. 6th St.
Loveland, CO 80537
(970) 679-4580 - Phone
Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish
Wheelchair accessible

Health Department - Estes Park

1601 Brodie Ave.
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 577-2050 - Phone
Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish
Wheelchair accessible
Larimer County Health Dept. Family Planning/STDs/Education

Programs for women and men for family planning, birth control and sexually transmitted diseases including confidential testing for HIV. We have clinics in Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park, and all offer pregnancy testing and a full range of methods for preventing pregnancy, from abstinence counseling to prescription and non-prescription birth control. Fees vary by program.

The Family Planning Program provides reproductive health care, family planning and medical and health education services, primarily to low-income individuals. Services include annual exams for women, treatment of minor gynecologic conditions, low-cost birth control, and emergency contraception. Medicaid is the only insurance accepted, and you do not need insurance to receive services. Fees are based on ability to pay, and all services are confidential. For more information, call (970) 498-6761 or 498-6767.

The Health Department also provides STD services to men and women, including exams, tests, treatment for the most common STDs, education on preventing sexually transmitted diseases, and affordable treatment for those who test positive. Condoms and information on their correct use are also available. Services are for Larimer County residents, and fees are based on ability to pay. Teens do not need parental consent, and all services are confidential.

The Reproductive Health Education Program provides assessment and referral, along with educational programs to help prevent unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Information is available through printed materials, classes or workshops, and presentations.

Larimer County Health Dept. Maternal Services

The program helps women in Larimer County access prenatal services, promotes healthy behavior during pregnancy, provides access to medical and other resources, and provides guidance through the early stages of the child's growth and development.

Services include financial assistance for prenatal care for uninsured, low-income pregnant women who are eligible for Medicaid, as well as help to establish Medicaid coverage while eligibility is being verified. We offer prenatal health education and nutrition counseling; referral to other resources; education and support for breastfeeding; and pregnancy tests and family planning services. For more information, call (970) 498-6736.

The Nurse-Family Partnership is for first-time mothers. Services include home visits by a registered nurse throughout the pregnancy and continuing through the first two years of the child's life. Women must live in Larimer County, meet financial eligibility guidelines and make a two-year commitment to the program. For more information, call (970) 498-6731.

Larimer County Health Dept. Immunizations for Children, Adults, Travelers

Immunization programs for infants and children, adults, and international travelers. Fees vary with each program. Appointments are required.

The infant and children's program provides immunizations to infants and children and ensures that vaccinations required for school are available. Immunizations are available for children on Medicaid and children who have no insurance or whose insurance does not cover vaccines. For specific school immunizations, please visit the Larimer County website (www.larimer.org) or call (970) 498-6700.

Adult immunizations help prevent disease from illnesses in adults, especially persons over age 65, and other high-risk people. We can provide vaccines for adults who have no insurance or whose insurance does not cover vaccines. Adults who have insurance can get vaccinations through their doctors' offices.

The international travel program provides immunizations, both required and recommended, to Larimer County residents traveling out of the country. We provide vaccines for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, typhoid fever, and others; offer information on avoiding food- and water-borne illnesses; and advise travelers of disease outbreaks in parts of the world where travel is planned. Please call for an appointment.

Larimer County Health Dept. Communicable Disease Control

These environmental health programs provide early identification, prevention and control of contagious diseases through monitoring illnesses spread by people, animals, insects, food and water. Services include immunizations; investigation of food-borne outbreaks; inspection of childcare facilities; monitoring of animal-related outbreaks; and community education.

The Health Department has information and guidelines on preventing the spread of influenza, particularly in school settings. For more information, call (970) 498-6775.

Animal- and Insect-Borne Disease Monitoring controls the spread of illnesses transmitted by animals and insects through disease surveillance, outbreak investigation, community education, maintaining rabies vaccination records, and other control measures. Diseases monitored include rabies, plague, West Nile virus, hantavirus, tularemia, Zika virus, Colorado tick fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

Larimer County Health Dept. Tobacco Education & Prevention

Tobacco Free Larimer County supports efforts to prevent and reduce tobacco use and tobacco smoke exposure for people living and working in Larimer County. The coalition emphasizes best practices to reduce the health and economic burdens associated with tobacco use to improve health, well-being and productivity in all Larimer County communities. Coalition members include health organizations, government agencies, community-based organizations, schools, youth groups, parents and interested community members.

In addition, the Colorado QuitLine offers an effective, free resource to Coloradans who want to stop smoking. QuitLine is a telephone-based service that connects people who want to quit smoking with trained coaches who help create a quit plan. Nicotine patches are also available. Call QuitLine toll-free at (800) QUIT-NOW or (800) 784-8669 or go to www.coquitline.org.

The Health District of Northern Larimer County is another resource for residents who want to quit smoking. More information is available at www.healthdistrict.org/quitsmoking. Services are available on a sliding fee scale.

Larimer County Health Dept. Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Program

WIC is a supplemental nutrition program that provides nutritious foods and nutrition education to pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women to improve their diets and the diets of infants and children under age 5. Eligibility is based on income and nutritional need. Services include certain foods and infant formula, nutrition education, referrals to community resources and breastfeeding support.

WIC serves pregnant, breastfeeding or postpartum women (up to 6 months past delivery) in Larimer County, and infants and children up to age 5. Please call (970) 498-6720 for more information.

Larimer County Health Dept. Healthcare Program for Children with Special Needs

HCP offers services to children (birth to age 21) who have special healthcare needs - physical, emotional or behavioral. A public health nurse, social worker dietitian and physical therapist are available to work with families, and consultations are available with other specialists; care coordination for families of children with traumatic brain injuries; working with families referred from the Newborn Hearing Screening Program; and working with families who have a child born who is at risk for developmental concerns.

Larimer County families who have children with special healthcare needs are eligible, and there are no financial criteria. Fees vary. For more information, call (970) 498-6747 or (970) 498-6732.

Larimer County Health Dept. Air & Water Quality, Waste Disposal

The Environmental Health Division works to protect human health through education and regulations that protect air quality, water and the environment.

The Air Quality Program works to improve outdoor air quality to maintain a healthy environment. Services include enforcing Colorado's air pollution control regulations; inspecting businesses that release air pollutants; measuring levels of particulates, ozone and carbon monoxide; issuing open burning permits; and responding to concerns and complaints about air pollution.

The Water Quality Program protects surface and groundwater from contamination and controls water-borne disease transmission. Services include drinking water testing and septic system inspection and permitting.

The Solid & Hazardous Waste Program works to prevent adverse health impacts and environmental degradation associated with the storage, disposal and spills of hazardous or non-hazardous materials. Services include inspections of landfills and transfer stations; investigating illegal dump sites; educating the public and businesses on the proper handling and disposal of solid or hazardous waste; providing consultation at hazardous and non-hazardous material spills; inspecting underground storage tanks for leaks; and related services.

Larimer County Health Dept. Food Safety & Day Care Safety

These programs work to prevent food-borne illness and to ensure the safety of schools, child care operations and other types of public institutions.

Food Safety & Sanitation works to reduce the factors that cause most food-borne illnesses and ensures that foods sold and served to the public are free from contamination and spoilage, and promotes compliance with regulations. Services include licensing and inspections of restaurants, grocery stores, delis, and other food providers; inspections of all new or extensively remodeled food establishments; training in safe food handling for restaurant staff; assisting in consumer protection alerts for recalled food products; and maintaining an online Restaurant Inspection Database. For more information, call (970) 498-6775 or (970) 498-6776.

Day Care & Institutional Safety & Sanitation conducts inspections of public and private schools, child care operations, and other types of institutions; evaluates food preparation; and ensures compliance with regulations.

Larimer County Health Dept. Healthy Communities Medicaid and CHP+ Outreach

The Healthy Communities Program provides application assistance to pregnant women and families who may be eligible for Medicaid and/or CHP+. The program also assists those already receiving Medicaid and/or CHP+ in understanding their benefits and accessing medical, dental, vision, mental health and other services. For more information, call (970) 498-6755 or 498-6754.

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