Organization: Family Foot Care

Dr. Fisher and the staff of Family Foot Care are committed to providing the highest quality care in podiatry. Services include fitting orthotics; treatment for corns, calluses, bunions, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, ingrown nails and infections of the foot; and surgery if necessary to correct hammertoes, fractures, ruptured ligaments and tendons, and other conditions.






Family Foot Care

4674 Snow Mesa Drive, Suite 140
Fort Collins, CO 80528
(970) 225-5027 - Phone
Languages Spoken:  English
Wheelchair accessible
Family Foot Care

Providing surgical and nonsurgical treatment for a broad range of foot and ankle conditions. Common conditions include bunions, plantar fasciitis, toenail problems, infections, fractures and other conditions. Limited hours; please call for an appointment.

Date record modified: 07/17/17

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