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Grief counseling focuses on use of both Worden's tasks of grief and on continuing bonds theory.


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Evan Hyatt, Executive Director






Pathways For Grief and Loss

305 Carpenter Road
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 292-2388 - Referral Line for hospice care
(970) 663-3500 - Main Number (24 hr answering service)
(970) 663-1180 - Fax Number
Languages Spoken:  English
Wheelchair accessible
Pathways Program - Circles of Hope: Families Growing Through Grief

This group is a specialized grief support program for grieving families with children. Each week families will meet in age specific groups to share their grief and learn ways to cope and adjust to life without their loved one. During this group, families will work together on a project to honor their loved one. A light dinner will be provided each night. Please call or visit our web site at www.pathways-care.org for specfic dates and times.

Pathways Program - Living with Loss

Each week will focus on a particular theme. We will connect in a safe space, share stories, and learn about the adjustment process, the impact of secondary losses, how grief impacts our family, and make meaning and transform our loss. Please call or visit web site at www.pathways-care.org for specfic dates.

Pathways Program - Bereaved Parent Support Group

A group designed to support parents who have experienced the death of a child. Participants will share ideas and learn ways to manage the intensity of their grief process. Please call or visit web site at www.pathways-care.org for specific dates and times.

Pathways Program - On Our Own Group

A monthly drop-in group for widowed persons, offers mutual support and education on topics of concern to widowed men and women. Facilitated by Lani Hickman and co-sponsored by Lutheran Family Services. No registration required. Meets the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Also, meet socially for dinner every third Wednesday or Thursday of the month. Call for location and time of dinner: 970-663-3500.

Pathways Program - Newly Bereaved Support Group

This is a short term support group for people whose loved one has recently died (one to three months prior). The group helps to answer questions such as: What is happening to me? What can I do to help myself? This group meets Wednesday evenings. Please call or visit our web site at www.pathways-care.org for specfic dates and times.

Pathways Program - Writing Through Loss Group

A group for adults who have experienced the death of a loved one, co-facilitated by Veronica Patterson, creative writing teacher and Nancy Jakobsson, grief counselor. The group uses writing to express and explore loss. Registration and fee required. Please call or visit our web site at www.pathways-care.org for specific dates and times.

Pathways Program - Grief in the Workplace

This unique program provides education and support to local businesses on issues of grief and loss. This program is designed to prepare managers and their staff to deal with the difficult issues that arise when a co-worker dies or experiences the death of a loved one. There are three components of Grief in the Workplace: educational workshops, consultation, and debriefing and support. Please call 970-663-3500 or visit web site www.pathways-care.org

Pathways Program - Seasons of Grief Art Group

The seasons remind us of the ever-changing nature of grief. Fall is a time of going inward, slowing down, and preparing for winter, while spring provides a time to pause before inviting new growth. Seasons of Grief, a four-week art-based grief and loss group, harnesses the healing potential of creativity by combining art making, group support, and the visual exploration of common themes related to grieving. By engaging in the creative process, grieving people can begin to make meaning of their loss and enter into a process of healing and transformation. Two art therapists facilitate the group. Absolutely no art experience necessary, just a willingness to try something new. Group size will be limited to six participants. Register early to reserve your space.

Please contact Pathways Hospice to register or to find out more information regarding this group at (970) 663-3500. Please call or visit our web site at www.pathways-care.org for specific dates and times.

Pathways Program - The Next Course

Cooking Class for widowed persons. The Next Course will introduce you to very basic recipes and techniques and teach you to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! Join us in the kitchen while we learn and support one another. Call 970-663-3500 for class dates.

Pathways Program - Journey Through Journaling

This group allows participants to explore their loss through a personal journal. Writing in a journal may be the most basic and private way we can witness our experiences and tell our stories. In a time of loss, our stories will change, and writing helps us recognize, look into, and respond to those changes. We can explore sorrows, fears, memories, hopes, angers, dreams and joys. We can record the new and often strange world of our loss. Nothing is too little or too much, too quiet or too extreme for a journal. Although a journal is ours alone, journaling with others can help us see new ways to deepen and respond to what we write.

Registration is required. Call Pathways Hopsice for more information 970-663-3500 or visit our web site www.pathways-care.org

Pathways Program - Kids, Horses and Healing Day Retreat

In this rich experience for children/teens(ages 6-18) the day will include horse care instruction and riding lessons. Most of the time will be hands-on with horses. Also, the day will include an activity for remembering loved ones who have died. Registration Required. Please call Pathways Hospice 970-663-3500 or see website www.pathways-care.org

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