Organization: Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SAVA) Center

SAVA staffs a 24-hour Bilingual Rape Crisis Hotline for Larimer and Weld Counties that provides confidential intervention and support to survivors, family members, and friends. Callers receive information and resources to help make informed decisions. Individual and group therapy options are also available. SAVA also offers prevention programs for youth ages 6-24 in the community, middle schools, and high schools. In addition, SAVA has a theatre program titled ACTivism Theatre whose purpose is to engage the community in conversations about preventing sexual assault. Our prevention philosophy focuses on social change that addresses the roots of sexual violence.


Nonprofit or governmental


Jennifer Jones, Executive Director






Larimer County Office

4812 S. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 472-4204 - Office Number
(970) 674-7023 - Fax Number
(970) 472-4200 - 24-Hour Bilingual Rape Crisis Hotline
Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish
Not wheelchair accessible

Weld County Office

921 38th Ave. Ct.
Greeley, CO 80634
(970) 506-4059 - Business Line
(970) 472-4200 - 24-Hour Bilingual Rape Crisis Hotline
Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish
Wheelchair accessible
SAVA Center - 24-Hour Bilingual Rape Crisis Hotline of Northern Colorado

24-hour emergency intervention for sexual assault victims, their family and friends. Upon request, we can arrange and provide personal support for forensic examinations if the victim/survivor wishes to report, or can help find suitable health care providers based upon the clients needs. We provide both short and long term assistance, depending on the clients needs.

SAVA Center - Sexual Assault Therapy Program

On-going therapy and therapeutic support groups to individuals and family members who have been affected by sexual assault.

SAVA Center - Support Group: Sexual Assault

The support group offers a safe and confidential place for both primary and secondary survivors to talk about issues involving sexual assault. Cost: Free

Please contact SAVA Center for more information regarding this group and set up a screening appointment.

SAVA Center - Support Group: Secondary Survivors of Sexual Assault

A free support group for secondary survivors of sexual assault. This will be an on-going group. Please contact the SAVA Center for more information regarding this group.

SAVA Center - Support Group: Adult Women Survivors of Sexual Assault

This is a free and ongoing support group for women of sexual assault (18 years and older). This group focuses on education and support. Feel free to join anytime even after the start date. For more information please contact SAVA Center.

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