Program: Simply Nutrition, LLC - Dru Ledder, MS, RD

Providing a variety of nutrition services for all ages. Individualized plans and nutrition counseling for weight control; sports nutrition; management of high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes; pregnancy and pediatric nutrition. Wired for Joy/Emotional Brain Training is also available, a program to give you tools for stress management and to reduce cravings and lose weight. (For more information about EBT, go to www.ebt.org.) Flexible hours by appointment, with some evenings and weekends. Reduced rates available for eligible clients.

Service type: Other Health Services
Specialization: Nutrition Counseling/Dietetics
Ages served: Infants
Fee structures: Private Insurance
Parent organizations: Simply Nutrition, LLC
Hours: Weekday

Simply Nutrition

Near Drake and Overland Trail.
Please call for directions.
Fort Collins, CO 80526
(970) 204-9084 - Phone
Languages Spoken: English
Not wheelchair accessible
Program staff: Ledder, MS, RD, Dru

Date record modified: 05/04/15

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