Program: UCHealth Heart and Vascular Clinic

Providing comprehensive services in cardiology and cardiac surgery. Services include surgery, intensive care, outpatient testing and rehabilitation for recovering patients. We provide specialized cardiac care at locations throughout the region. Emergency response teams are available 24 hours a day.

Service type: Medical Care
Specialization: Cardiology
Vascular Surgery/Vascular Treatments
Ages served: Adults
Fee structures: Medicare - Accepting new clients
Medicaid - Accepting new clients
Private Insurance
CHP+ - Accepting new clients
Parent organizations: UCHealth Heart and Vascular Clinic
UCHealth - Medical Center of the Rockies
Hours: Weekday

Heart and Vascular Clinic - Harmony Campus

At Harmony and Timberline. Services are available for patients who need interpreters for other languages.
2121 E. Harmony Road, Suite 100
Fort Collins, CO 80528
(800) 459-4241 - Toll-Free
(970) 221-1000 - Phone
Languages Spoken: English
Wheelchair accessible

Medical Center of the Rockies

Near I-25 and Highway 34. A telephone interpretation service is available for many languages.
2500 Rocky Mountain Ave.
Loveland, CO 80538
(970) 624-2500 - Main Switchboard
Languages Spoken: English,Spanish
Wheelchair accessible

Heart and Valve Clinic - Loveland

At the South Medical Office Building.
2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., Suite 100
Loveland, CO 80538
(800) 459-4241 - Toll-Free
(970) 221-1000 - Phone
Languages Spoken: English
Wheelchair accessible
Program staff: Ashmore, MD, Roger C.
Austin, MD, Wendy J.
Chacko, MD, Jacob
Cummings, MD, Steve
Dattilo, MD, Phil
Doing, MD, Anthony H.
Douthit, MD, Mark B.
Dow, MD, Tristan J.
Downes, MD, Thomas R.
Ellis, MD, Ethan R.
Green, MD, C. Patrick
Guadagnoli, MD, Mark D.
Hass, MD, Emily
Heath, MD, Russell R.
Johnson, MD, C. Timothy
Katz, MD, David
Kiser, MD, Robert H.
Leibow, PA-C, Emily B.
Luckasen, MD, Gary J.
Matthew, MD, Thomas L.
Miller, MD, William E.
Oldemeyer, MD, J. Bradley
Purvis, MD, Matthew T.
Refaat, MD, Zaki
Richards, DO, Lance
Riles, MD, MPH, Eric
Stanton, MD, Michael W.
Strote, MD, Justin A.
Treat, MD, Stephen A.
Whitsitt, MD, Todd B.
Whittington, MD, Weston W.

Date record modified: 06/20/18

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