Program: Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Consultants, PC

We are specialists in infectious diseases, offering hospital and office consults, infection control, chronic wound care, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HIV/AIDS care and treatment for antibiotic-resistant infections. We also have a travel clinic, and if you are traveling to another country we can help you prepare for your trip to ensure your safety and health.

Service type: Medical Care
Specialization: Infectious Disease
Travel Medicine
Wound Care
Ages served: Adults
Fee structures: Medicare - Accepting new clients
Medicaid - Accepting new clients
Private Insurance
Parent organizations: Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Consultants, PC
Hours: Weekday


At Harmony and Timberline.
2121 E. Harmony Road, Suite 380
Fort Collins, CO 80528
(970) 224-0429 - Phone
Languages Spoken: English,Spanish,Mandarin
Wheelchair accessible
Program staff: Liao Ong, MD, Jacob C.
Peskind, MD, Robert L.

Date record modified: 06/05/15

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