Program: UCHealth Radiation Oncology

Radiation treatments use cutting-edge technology to treat cancer with pinpoint accuracy. Targeted radiation shrinks tumors without harming nearby healthy tissue. Services by referral.

Service type: Medical Care
Specialization: Oncology
Ages served: Adults
Fee structures: Medicare - Accepting new clients
Medicaid - Accepting new clients
Private Insurance
Parent organizations: UCHealth Radiation Oncology
Hours: Weekday

Radiation Oncology

At Harmony and Timberline. Please let us know if you would like an interpreter for language assistance.
2121 E. Harmony Road, Suite 160
Fort Collins, CO 80528
(970) 482-3328 - Phone
Languages Spoken: English
Wheelchair accessible
Program staff: Burrow, PA-C, Josh
Knuthson, PA, Amber
Lisella, MD, Gwen H.
Liu, MD, Arthur
Petit, MD, Joshua H.

Date record modified: 06/20/18

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