Provider: Vicki Ellis, MS, RP, MLC

Vicki Ellis, MS, NLC, MLC

CB Intrinsic Educational, Therapeutic Courses and Classes address Stress Recovery, Emotion Management, Constructive Conflict Resolution, Natural Chronic Pain Control and Better Sleep Hygiene. Thoroughly understanding the stress process is the best way to control it, rather than having it control you. Creating Balance occurs within. Creating Balance Is Intrinsic. Learning HOW is primary for managing stress, emotions, chronic physical pain and your quality of sleep. This "HOW" is what separates CB Intrinsic from all the rest. Please visit cbintrinsic.com. To read Vicki's first book, find Chronic Pain Control: Alternatives To Pain Management on Amazon.

First year of practice: 2011
Gender: Female
Email: vicki@cbintrinsic.com
Education: B.S. Colorado State University, physics and chemistry
M.S. Colorado State University, emphasis in Neuroscience, Fort Collins, CO, 2001
Type of provider: Counselor (Mental Health) (Unlicensed)
Mental Health Therapist (Unlicensed)
Psychotherapist (Unlicensed) (Registered with Colo. Division of Registrations)
Life issue specialties: Anger Management
Anxiety Disorders
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Rape/Sexual Assault
Sexual Abuse/Incest (Adult Survivor)
Stress Management
Trauma (Victim of)
Veteran's Issues
Life issues:
Treatment modalities: Psychoeducation
Parent programs: Emotion Management and Conflict Resolution
CB Intrinsic Pain Control Workshop
CB Intrinsic Better Sleep Class
EMCR and Peeling Onions Combo
Peeling Onions

CB Intrinsic

The CB Intrinsic classroom/office is located in the Landings office park off of Boardwalk, between JFK Parkway and Landings Drive. Access the parking lot from either E. Boardwalk Drive or Landings Drive. Entering from Landings Dr., CBI is in the first building on your right.
300 East Boardwalk Dr, 4A Loft
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 372-2713 - Phone
Languages Spoken: English
Not wheelchair accessible

Date record modified: 03/11/17

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