Affordable Care Act (Healthcare Law)


On March 23, 2010, federal healthcare legislation, known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, was signed into law. Today, many people are wondering how the current administration will change the ACA.

Recommended Reading

About the Affordable Care Act
This federal-government website provides details on the healthcare reform legislation, including a continually updated timeline of changes in healthcare law, background on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, provisions of the legislation, and more.

Health Care Reform in Colorado
This state-government website provides information on the impact of the national legislation on the state of Colorado, with links to divisions within state government that are implementing the legislation locally, regularly updated news items, sign-up for an online newsletter, frequently asked questions and more.

Health Reform, Kaiser Family Foundation
This nonprofit website provides an objective look at healthcare reform, providing detailed analysis of impacts to individuals, businesses and governments. It includes a health-insurance premium calculator, among other helpful tools.

Local Resources

Connect for Health Colorado
Connect for Health Colorado is Colorado's health insurance marketplace for individuals, families and small businesses across Colorado. Find information about enrollment deadlines and financial assistance available to help reduce the cost of insurance. You can also get free, in-person help at locations throughout Colorado.

Larimer Health Connect
Larimer Health Connect is a local effort to help individuals, families and small businesses in our community understand and participate in new health coverage options, including plans available through Connect for Health Colorado. Health Coverage Guides can also determine if individuals and families qualify for Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) or CHP+ and help them apply for those programs if they do.

Health Care for All Colorado
This organization is a proponent of a different way of financing healthcare -- a single-payer system -- rather than what's provided through the federal legislation. Its website is nevertheless is a good source of information on the local impact of the federal law.

Poudre River Public Library District
Search the library collection for books about healthcare reform, or use the library's health, sciences and technology databases.

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