Vascular Surgeon


A vascular surgeon is a surgical specialist who cares for patients who have diseases that affect the arteries, veins, and lymphatic system, not including the heart and intracranial (within the brain) circulations. Hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis, is a common cause of vascular disease. Specialists in this field perform open operations, endovascular catheter-based procedures, and non-invasive vascular testing and interpretations.

Common problems treated include stroke prevention by managing arterial blockages in the neck and upper chest, revascularization of upper and lower limbs for poor circulation, management of aneurysms such as occur in the abdomen and elsewhere, vascular trauma, and varicose veins. Treatment also includes angioplasty-stenting of arterial blockages, repair of abdominal aneurysms by less invasive endovascular techniques, as well as medical management of vascular disorders. Vascular surgeons are board certified in general surgery and then complete additional training and testing in vascular surgery.

Source: MedlinePlus and American College of Surgeons

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Recommended Reading

Society for Vascular Surgery
A global source of information and services for individuals interested in improving vascular health worldwide. The Society for Vascular Surgery seeks to advance excellence and innovation in vascular health through education, advocacy, research, and public awareness. The website has information for patients and their families about a variety of conditions related to vascular health.

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